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Admission requirements

The Master's Degree Course in Animal Science is open to access.

Students who intend to enroll in the Master's Degree Course in Animal Science must be in possession of a three-year university degree or diploma, or other qualifications obtained abroad that are recognized as suitable according to the current legislation. Students must also be in possession of the curricular requirements and adequate personal preparation, as enrollment with educational deficiencies is not envisaged.

The assessment of the adequate preparation takes place according to the procedures defined in the Study Program Regulations and involves an interview on the basic subjects specified below in the Syllabus:

  • Animal production: knowledge of the farmed animals from the anatomical-physiological, morphological and functional point of view; nutritional profile of feed ingredients and nutritional requirements of the main farmed species, feed formulation; genetic improvement applied to qualitative and quantitative traits;
  • Vegetable production: basic knowledge of forage and forage systems in the various agricultural areas.

An adequate knowledge of the English language is also required in both the written and the oral form with reference to the disciplinary lexicon. This requirement, whose verification methods are detailed in the Study Program Regulations, is considered satisfied if the students have taken at least one English language exam in their university curriculum or hold a certificate of knowledge of the English language at a level equal to B2 (at least) of the Common European Framework, issued by an accredited body.

For all information regarding the registration, please refer to the "Enrolment and registration" section of the UniTO website.

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