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Governance and organization


For the three-year period 2020/21 - 2022/23, the President of the Course of Studies is Paola BADINO, Associate Professor SSD: VET / 07 - Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology.

The President of the Degree Course (CdS) convenes and chairs the Degree Course Council (CCL), supervises the activities of the CdS and represents it in all activities. She is the Head of Quality Assurance and of the monitoring and review processes.


Vice President:

The Vice-President, who replaces the President in all his functions in case of impediment or absence, for the three-year period 2020/21 - 2022/23 is Laura GASCO Full Professor SSD: AGR / 20 – Zoocolture.


Didactic manager:

The didactic manager of the course of study is Dr. Federica TRAVAGLINI.
You can contact the education manager for:

  • having general information on the Degree Course and its organization;
  • having assistance on the training path (for example for the compilation of the career plan);
  • knowing the procedures to follow to graduate;
  • reporting comments on the course of study.

Where we are: Palazzina Aule - first floor
Hours: Monday to Friday 9-12 and 14-16 (we receive by appointment)
Help desk service: (reserved for students that need to solve some career-related issues)
E-mail: (reserved for university staff, external bodies and future students)



Main functions:

  • monitoring of performance indicators;
  • self-evaluation and drafting of the annual monitoring and/or cyclical review report of the Degree Course
  • periodical revision of the catalogue of the subject forms;
  • analysis and discussion of students’ opinion concerning teaching quality;
  • support the President of the Degree Course in updating the Annual SUA CdS Report (annual public document presenting the educational offer);
  • organization and management of intra- and extra-mural practical training.

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The Committee deals with practical analyses related to student passage and transfer applications and the recognition of past credits, as well as the procedures for the admission to the LM, starting with interviews with foreign students. 

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The Committee coordinates the internship in collaboration with the School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (SAMEV); it defines the procedures for applying for an internship and verifies the necessary prerequisites; it defines the eligibility requirements for the selection of external structures where internships can be carried out and expresses an opinion on the renewal, suspension and / or termination of the agreements; it expresses opinions on accreditation and / or the stipulation of agreements with external public and / or private bodies. 

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Students secretariat:

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