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The graduates of the Master Degree in Animal Science own high competence levels for the control and management of both the livestock supply chains and the feed sector (including pet food), being able to operate with high responsibility tasks.

The foreseen professional opportunities regard both the research activities and their application in all the fields related to the animal sciences, with particular reference to the production of milk, meat and eggs, as well as the feed sector (including pet food). The graduates will be able to work as Directors of both livestock and feed companies.

The employment opportunities are expected in the following areas:

  • the livestock, wildlife hunting and aquaculture farms;
  • the feed sector (including pet food) and the development of products and services for animal husbandry systems;
  • the industries involved in the processing and transformation of animal-derived food products;
  • the companies involved in the marketing, control and distribution of feed and animal-derived food products;
  • the Public and Private Institutions, Associations and Companies operating in the feed (including pet food) and livestock sectors, in the animal biodiversity conservation, in the animal genetic improvement, in the promotion and marketing of feed and products of animal origin;
  • the activity of technical assistance and consultancy, also in developing countries;
  • the teaching and research applied to the animal production sciences.

The Master Degree e in Animal Science allows obtaining the qualification for the following Regulated Profession: Agronomist and Foresters.

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