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Students opinions

Student evaluation of teaching and assessment

Performed by means of:

  • end-of-semester course evaluation on teaching quality and assessment performed through a University online system (Edumeter).

Edumeter Questionnaires

Students enrolled in the degree course are required to complete the questionnaire regarding the quality of teaching of the attended semester. The evaluation is anonymous and mandatory. Requirement is checked at the time of the exam registration, allowing the student to sign up only when the questionnaire regarding the quality of teaching has been fulfilled.
Questions concern: degree course organization, facilities, teaching, interest.
Students also have to evaluate the exams. Questions concern: i) satisfaction on the exam procedures; ii) adequacy of the didactic material made available by lecturers; iii) consistency of ECTS with actual study workload.

Results are collected by the QA Delegate of the Degree Course and discussed within the Monitoring and Review Committee.

Go to the online course assessment system, Edumeter (accessible with credentials only), and find out what students think of their courses.

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