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When and where to seat for the exams:

  1. go to Exam noticeboard;
  2. select one or more items from the menu (Course; Activity, Teacher or Exam date).

Before registering for an exam make sure:

  1. your study plan has been confirmed and "APPROVED";
  2. the course you intend to take the exam for is displayable in your online profile;
  3. you have no outstanding tuition fees;
  4. you have assessed your courses on Edumeter.

Students have to sign up at least five days before the exam scheduled date.
Access to the your MyUniTO Student profile on Once you have selected the "Exams" menu, click on "Available Exams". 
You will see all the courses you can enroll for. By clicking on the blue book symbol, you can see the teacher’s name, exam date and place. Confirm your registration by clicking on "Book the exam”.

More details

Students can report any issues to the Help Desk service. The service is available at or from your personal MyUniTo page- Service Desk icon.

Last update: 07/12/2021 14:19
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